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Fairy's Rule is an Action-RPG roguelike video game featuring exploration on all 3 axes of movement, with verticality featured in the way of jumping, swimming, climbing and flying through a small variety of environments.

An unusual form of combat also features into this game via "seduction". Fairies are too weak, physically speaking, to overcome most opposition through conventional combat. Instead, they've evolved to employ weapons and methods that present a universally cute, cool, and sexy appeal and cause their opposition to faint from a powerful emotional- or sensory- overload (Swooning).

Fairy's Rule is a work in progress being developed by a small team of long-time video game enthusiasts.

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  • new page Items
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    New page: As in most roguelikes, items found, salvaged, and gathered while exploring will have multiple uses. Almost any item found in the wild can be used as...
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    New page: Erogel is a naturally occurring substance produced by fairies that normally protects their wings from being snagged or pulled, but also protects...
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    New page: Fairy Weapons work similarly to those in other action games, although they deliver pleasure rather than pain. Weapons can be acquired by buying- or...
  • new page Newphys
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    New page: Fairies refer to any stranger or unfamiliar entity as a "New Nymph-Friendly", "Newphy" or "Newphys" for short. Newphys are the primary opposition...
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  • new page Dungeons
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    New page: Exploring various dungeons is a major component of the game-play in Fairy's Rule. The player will have to navigate a small variety of dungeon...
    Summary: Added "Dungeons"

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