Fairies refer to any stranger or unfamiliar entity as a "New Nymph-Friendly"; using "Newphy" or "Newphys" for short.

Newphys are the primary opposition that the player will encounter in Fairy's Rule. Fairies have no concept of "enemy" as such, even towards those would would consider fairies their enemies. Because of this, fairies generally do not harbour ill intent or take violent action. Due to a fairy's ability to charm or seduce virtually anything, or escape from any situation with their charm, agility, or erogel (should the need arise), they see anyone they're not familiar with as a new potential friend, no matter how hostile or dangerous they may seem at first.

During the course of events in Fairy's Rule, most the Newphys encountered will be looking to collect treasure. If such a Newphy senses a fairy approaching, they'll typically attack, or sometimes try to run away or hide.

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