Currently, there are planned to be 4 possible playable fairies to choose from when beginning a new game: Kyrie, Roland, Leif and Calia. The main difference in four playable character models is the voices, clothing, animations, and dialogue, adding to replay value and some customization and player expression should online play be implemented.

Kyrie looks to be about the human equivalent of a woman in her early 30s. She gives off a curious, playful style.

Leif is the polar opposite of Kyrie, looking like a well-chiseled man in his 50s. His movements and voice are more deliberate, although like all playable fairies, it's clear he's having fun.

Calia looks like a curvy woman in her 40s, and is well experienced in seduction. Her movements and voice have a dominating and teacher-ish tone to them.

Roland as you might expect, presents as the polar opposite of Calia, looking like a scrawny young man in his early 20s raring to prove his worth. His movements and voice have a submissive student kind of appeal.

You can customize your playable fairy's hair-colour hair-length, hair-tendency (ie: straight, wavy, curly), eye-colour, skin-colour, wing style, and right-or-left handedness upon first starting out. You can change more factors, such as hairstyle, during the main game-play loop.

After completing the story with any character, a player can copy the completed file into a new save slot and choose a different playable fairy to customize, with all the armour collected automatically converting to that new playable fairy's style.


Feature Creep:

Names may be subject to change before release.

There may be more playable characters, and more than 1 possible voice for each character.