Stuff is a special type of item that Fairies can gather in large amounts without worrying about inventory space. Fairies use Stuff in their everyday lives, but can also use it while adventuring to protect-, feed-, clothe-, and shelter themselves, or to enhance their seduction powers. Newphys, upon Swooning, will often drop Stuff in addition to Score. Any unwanted Items taking up space in the inventory can be deconstructed into Stuff. Deconstructing an item permanently destroys it, although the Stuff gained might be more valuable in the moment, than the item lost.

There are currently 4 categories of stuff:

Mush - The stuff contained in nutritious or generous things, mush gives off a romantic vibe. Stimulates affections in nearby creatures.

Fluff - The stuff given off by bright or lively things; gives off an uplifting and stimulating vibe. Causes affected creatures to go about with more vigour.

Squee - The stuff emitted by cute or helpless things, making those nearby want to take good care of it.

Unf - The stuff emitted by life-giving things. Affects living things in interesting ways.

  Stuff can be combined with Stuff to make items, or combined with items to enhance or modify them. Other features involving Stuff are being considered.