Fairy Weapons work similarly to those in other action games, although they deliver pleasure rather than pain. Weapons can be acquired by buying- or crafting them in town using items gathered from the environment, treasures and gifts from Newphys as materials. A fairy can equip up to one melee weapon and one ranged weapon before setting out into a dungeon. a variety of combos can be performed, both with one weapon or switching between two. A fairy may also choose to use Wrassling techniques or Magic, either by specialization, or in situations where weapons aren't available (or ideal).

Fairy Ribbons are a category of melee weapon that lashes out and caresses an opponent's body sensually. Various combos can be performed, and different kinds of ribbons can inflict a variety of statuses

Feathers, typically from birds, are also used as weapons by fairies. Analogous to an over-sized, one-handed sword, the feather affords the fairy a dance-like combo.

Erogel Guns are a category of ranged weapon, and use a fairy's naturally occurring erogel as ammunition. Erogel guns can be made to fire bullet-like shots, continuous streams, shotgun-like sprays, large splash-blobs that arc over walls, &c. A weak point of erogel guns is that their power is diminished when used under water, in heavy winds, or other environmental factors.

Fairy Wands are a category of ranged weapon that fire sonic "vibes" that can penetrate walls or multiple newphys. They generally have a lower power and range than erogel guns, to compensate for this ability, but their power doesn't diminish from environmental factors.